• Vacuum trucks 130 bbl capacity
  • Kill trucks 130 bbl capacity
  • Frac Tanks 500 bbl capacity
  • Temporary Storage Tanks
  • Test Tanks
  • Swab Tanks
  • Tank Rentals
  • Fresh water
  • Salt water disposal
  • KCL
  • Surfactants
  • Packer Fluid
  • H5 Test
  • Low boy Trailer Services
  • Drop deck Trailer Services

Joe T. Smith, Inc has 130 bbl Vacuum Trucks, 130 bbl Kill Trucks and 500 bbl Frac Tanks to rent.  We have several sources for Fresh Water and we have our own Salt Water Disposals.  We can transfer your drilling mud or other fluids.  We can provide KCL, Surfactant or Packer Fluid for your down hole needs as well as providing Recording Charts for your H5 or other Pressure Tests with our Pump Trucks.  Call us in Hawley or Eden (San Angelo Area) for all you tank truck needs.

Joe T. Smith, Inc. now has Test Tanks to rent.  These tanks are portable and can be used for temporary storage tanks or as swab tanks.  They can be moved and set up on short notice and since they are made of Fiberglass they should withstand most produced fluids found in the oilfield.